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A.     Domestic Investments
     Commensurate with its size and breadth of practice, Thapar and Associates Law Firm has facilities and resources to handle all legal aspects of inbound investment. Thapar and Associates Law Firm partners have over twenty years of experience spanning business structuring, documentation, establishment of Indian Companies, achievement of Indian approvals and executable shareholders documentation and preparation of compliant company organic documentation.

In the context of “partnered” inbound investment, the firm is experienced in structuring and negotiating joint ventures and strategic alliances (both corporate partnership and joint enterprise) for resource and product acquisition, distribution, development, infrastructure development, market penetration and risk-sharing purposes; ancillary agreements such as marketing, distribution, license and supply agreements; as well as partner and target due diligence.
B.    Bankruptcy protection, Restructuring and Relocation:
     Thapar and Associates Law Firm attorneys have twenty years of experience in all aspects of business restructuring including especially hiving off, consolidation and share swaps. It has been enriched again in 2008 and 2009 with the spate of bankruptcy protection matters it handled in the recent global downturn.

The dynamic Indian regulatory and revenue regime has compelled Indian industry to continually relocate its business. Thapar and Associates Law Firm has always been at the forefront of these efforts and continues to offer cutting edge relocation advice and consultation. Thapar and Associates Law Firm continuously monitors changes in the Indian regulatory and tax regime, establishes contact with the authorities, the business community and chambers of commerce in jurisdictions where new benefits are notified and offers comprehensive relocation legal advice and consultation.